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Hero's and Enemies
Reaching for new heights
My hero's/enemies
Drive me to aspire
Inspire me
To be more than a mortal
Staying humble
:icondassa440:dassa440 1 0
2015 it has only just begun
Perhaps there is a god,
Though perhaps it is just karma
In either I do not believe
In what has been
A challenging time for me
My high cut down
Replaced with hate
At a once true friend
Only time will heal these wounds
In this depth
Another friend appears
One who means the world to me
In a brief instant he is gone again
Though in that instant my pain ebbed away
This chance meeting
Gives me hope
That one day I
Shall be as happy as I once was
:icondassa440:dassa440 1 0
Stops my heart like
When you walk through the door
My smile
Lost to the depths
Of my own despair
Returned in a instant
:icondassa440:dassa440 2 0
What Are The Chances
What are the chances?
I can only be
Who you want me to be
Removing all of my essence
I believe the chance i have
It's greater than it ever was before
Though not from where you stand
Little secrets begin to surface
I have never been the lucky one
I fear i have to try
To be who i am not
In order to impress you
I want you to want me
To be proud
To have me on your arm
To show me as yours
What are the chances?
I shall roll the dice
I shall do the chasing
This may be
My last saving throw
:icondassa440:dassa440 0 0
Same Old Feelings
The needle skips and the years just roll on by
My feeling have not changed
You are still just as you once were
Though now older and finer than ever before
Such a wonder to look upon
To know you is privilege enough
But to hold you is a dream long held
In the heart of this man
I shall take things slow
You know the score now
I see your scars
Hand in hand we can make this work
That is what i believe  
:icondassa440:dassa440 1 2
a new hope by dassa440 a new hope :icondassa440:dassa440 0 0
A life for a life
Thanks to you unknown donor
I Shall live with health
:icondassa440:dassa440 0 0
My soul knows the truth
This image radiates hate
The destroyer of all things
A match held in the hand of man
:icondassa440:dassa440 0 0
Shattered Reality
Cut into me
Words so sharp
Spoken from the lips of another
The fact i have always known
'That which never was,
Was never meant to be,
No matter how hard,
I hold onto the dream.'
:icondassa440:dassa440 1 0
Behind closed doors
The world in disarray
Hate preachers
Warp the minds of everyone
Who knows what is real
Religion kept behind closed doors
You may pray to whom ever you wish
Just don't make a scene in public
Not everyone shares your faith
:icondassa440:dassa440 0 3
Is to stand upon
What once were legs
With a smile
To challenge the world
:icondassa440:dassa440 2 0
Give me your hand
Child born under an autumn moon
Let me show you the way to eternity
Within the hearts of men
Lays the secrets to all that has come before
Forgotten with time
Remove the hands
In front your face
Open your eyes to eternity
:icondassa440:dassa440 1 1
I do not wish to be
Hooked to machines
So a machine i shall become
A true man of iron and steel
My will shatters resistance
I'll cover the distance
On my own two feet I'll stand
Just lend me your hand
:icondassa440:dassa440 1 0
A black day in the hearts of americans,
more lives will be taken
could this be the start of a true race war, lets hope not
but i don't deny i applaud those actions taken in anger
just keep it between the fighters and not between the innocents,
:icondassa440:dassa440 1 0
The time of change is neigh, i take it upon myself to break all the boundaries limiting my fragile body.
From the peak i shall look back down upon what my life once was and laugh still longing to reach higher  
Regrets ?
This year i shall have no regrets i will push myself beyond what i think is possible and beyond that once more, trial and error followed by trial and trail without error, practice makes permanent.
:icondassa440:dassa440 0 0
True Lies
I practice speeches
Perfecting the bitter lies
Till they are the truth
:icondassa440:dassa440 2 0


idaten by shichigoro756 idaten :iconshichigoro756:shichigoro756 756 99 Freckles. Kas. by GabrielKato Freckles. Kas. :icongabrielkato:GabrielKato 11 1
Tsubasa (Wings)
Leaves fall from the sky
unburdened of loyalty.
Drift away dead dreams
:icondeisophia:DeiSophia 17 12
Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
I kissed my best friend on the cheek
and she giggled.
I did too.
My lip gloss left sticky prints on her skin
that she wiped away
with her sleeve.
I wanted to kiss you before I knew what kissing was.
I watched you grow into something
more than just another boy.
Tracing my lip with my fingertip and wondering…
Are yours dry and hungry like mine?
Or soft and sweet?
They were warmer than I imagined,
brushing hot breath across my palm
and my wrists.
Your quick pecks tickled,
your eyes wide and playful,
your smile set me
Flushed cheeks and heartbeat gone frantic,
I didn’t kiss you back...
Not like I wanted too.
I nuzzled nose to cheek,
inhaled your honeyed scent
letting my lips linger
too long
and yet not long enough.
:iconprettyflour:prettyflour 37 10
secondhand eternity
and the sunlight kissed your cheek
as eternity spun between you and i,
the knowledge of not knowing
made your smile all the more beautiful.
:iconlittleovertures:LittleOvertures 12 3
No tears left to fall because they're all frozen.
All the pieces of my heart, lost and broken.
I like to think they're under the sea
Where no one can find them, not even me.
:icon4maya:4maya 8 16
HaikuWriMo I
When I am wiser
I will be able to see
that I am a fool.
:iconmadprincefeanor:MadPrinceFeanor 2 5
ripples reflect 1
a pebble
in a koi pond
hungry fish
seeking food from
the sky
water swirls
complex patterns
:iconcattservant:cattservant 11 32
This is me
My biggest flaw
Would be my self-esteem
I feel like I will fall
If I get up to speak
But my greatest asset
Would be my brain
Even though I fret
My imagination can't be contained
:iconblakesamson12386:blakesamson12386 2 4
M31 - Andromeda Galaxy - Close Crop by termhn M31 - Andromeda Galaxy - Close Crop :icontermhn:termhn 2 0 Yubaba by ronihm Yubaba :iconronihm:ronihm 2 0
Can you find relief?
In the darkest time of year?
A blossom of hope.
:iconivic-wulfe:Ivic-Wulfe 1 0
pair-of-socks paradox
too cold to sleep without them
wake up sweating with them
:iconarwynrie:ArwynRie 18 17
"Must I change to be beautiful?"
:icondaybreaksmiles:daybreaksmiles 60 44
A human disorder
Language connects us, but it also divides us.
The world is connected, but we dissect it.
Drawing lines and borders,
It's the human disorder.
:iconjacktyln:JackTyln 3 2


the colours in this are perfect they add mystery to the foreground. the depth of what is going on is incredible, on the right it appear...

this is a fantastic piece as always. your style is shown in the way you place layers upon each other. this piece has the feel of a hist...



United Kingdom
I want to create something (written, picture or other) that will touch a persons soul, to make their being feel alive/ashamed/afraid/in awe or anything between. exposing what i find beautiful and haunting in this world, through my loves and passions and my fears and frailties i hope i can accomplish this task.


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